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RE: DC high voltage Regulator Boards

Original poster: "Derek Woodroffe" <tesla@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

	Yes I would be interested in the boards..

	A few questions.
	Are the boards powered by a 220v input or are they just regulator
boards ??
      Is it a switch mode design or classical ?
	What max current are they designed to cope with.

	I'm not sure about the full populated boards, as most people on the
list will probably have their own stock of components ETC, But I'm sure the
design and the boards will be useful to many SSTC'er
	If you are after spec's I would have thought 0-400v variable at 1-2A
would be a useful size for TC debugging work, with a current limit to go as
low as 10mA or so.

	Have you a diagram for any of the circuits you are thinking about ?