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Re: PVC coil forms larger than 6 inch pipe

Original poster: "Harold Weiss" <hweiss@xxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Eric,

I also purchased mine thru a irrigation supply company. It was 15" with 5/8" walls and heavy as heck. I still have a 6-7' chunk, but I'm in Oshkosh WI. The pipe was $125 new for a 13' length. As to weight, a 40" length wound with almost 30lbs of 14ga weighed 80lbs. It might be a good idea to build a winder/lathe and cut it down to 1/4-5/16" wall thickness.

David E Weiss

Original poster: "Ken Jenkins" <thecompman@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

Try and find a irrigation company in your area, One by me carry up to 14"
and have cutoff pieces, also the pipe is low press thin wall.
Good luck
Ken J

Original poster: "Hydrogen18" <hydrogen18@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi list,
I'm looking for PVC pipe in the 8 inch diameter variety(or about any
suitable plastic). Does anyone know any sources for this? I'm keeping an
eye out for city water installations, but have found none yet. I can get 20
foot sections for $83, but I'd have alot of leftover. Does anyone know any
ways to get this pipe easily? I'm in the southern eastern united states in
Mobile, Alabama. If a fellow coiler were interested in doing a group
purchase of the 20 foot and splitting it up that could work also. Thanks