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Original poster: "Steve Conner" <steve.conner@xxxxxxxxxxx>

>Another help would be a hint to some higher power
>transistors I could use in the output stage of Antonios
>great tesla coil tuner as can be seen at:


I have tuned coils using my IGBT brick driver circuit. The 555 circuit is almost the same as Antonio's but instead of two little transistors it has a massive MOSFET output stage. It is a bit more complex to build though. I only did it since I had a spare brick driver lying around.


Other possibilities would be the ZTX*** and FZT*** transistors from Zetex,
or a gate driver chip like the TC442x or UCC3732x.

Note, once I had tuned my coil with the tuner circuit, I found I needed
another three full primary turns (out of 13 turns total) for best spark
output. This was a small coil with heavy-ish streamer loading though.

I'm surprised they even still make the LM12CLK :-o

Steve C.