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Original poster: "Christoph Bohr" <cb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hello All.

I want to build a low-z Amp for TC tuning use.
Unfortunately I can't access hot-streamer.com at the moment.
I was looking for Terrys design with the LM12CLK but
any other proven design would be probably OK, too.
So if someone has an offline copy I would deeply appreciate
if you could send it to me.

Another help would be a hint to some higher power
transistors I could use in the output stage of Antonios
great tesla coil tuner as can be seen at:
Currently I use BC 547/548


The tuner itself is really great, but seems not to be able
to handle the ca 10µH primary too good.
If I could give it a little more power I'd probably
need no low-z amp at all... would I?

Any help apperciated.

best regards

Christoph Bohr