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Re: Rabbit Semi boards was RE: Terry's DRSSTC - HFBR Optical Tx/Rx

Original poster: Terry Fritz <teslalist@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

This is the kit I got:


Only $99 but with the somewhat less powerful board and not the fancy software toys like ethernet and encryption which "I" would never use anyway... I just went and got two of the 512k/512k boards too ;-)) The manuals were like a 1000 pages of printing!! The firmware robotics guru guy I know clued me into them. You do need their little odd serial cable adaptor to talk with them.

I got them because I needed that IEEE floating point math and 22MHz (or you can run at 50+MHztoo - or like 1Hz if you want batteries to last a 1000 years ;-))) They have "plenty" of room for massivly inefficient variables to take very poor C programs which helps too :o)) If you have a back up lithium cell, the RAM is just pretty permanent too! Compared to the BASIC stamp, it is like a C-64 to a Cray... And it IS $30 cheaper too!! I am a little weak in the C programming area but this little thing does it all. It also has a -40 to +70C temp range for my silly outdoor robot project ;-)))

I think it is by VERY FAR the best $50 range microcontroller out there!!! It is not super simple like the BASIC Stamp stuff, but with a little C knowledge it can throw some very serious heavy computer power into a project!!!

I am sure DigiKey sells the 2x20 0.1 inch connectors "somewhere". I have not played with them nearly as much as I have wanted too since I have been so "busy". Maybe I can combine these tasks some ;-)))

I am thinking it would be cool for inside the DRSSTC to interface an external computer to manipulate the primary currents and such in real time at a very fine level... Months ahead of myself here, but "dreaming" ;-)))) There are also super cheap PIC options too!! But "I" am too dumb to live without floating point math and lots of big variables.... The Basic Stamp IIp I have in the controller now sure is nice!! It makes all that timing stuff just simple programming and I can change it all at a whim...

I think microcontrollers and DRSSTCs are going to get along very well together ;-))))



At 06:09 PM 1/11/2005, you wrote:

The RCM3600 processor (http://www.rabbitsemiconductor.com/products/rcm3600/rcm3600.pdf) is only $49 but it can play WAV audio files with pulse modulation with a little C-program ;-) Maybe a disruptive type talking coil! There are super nice little cheap short range RF transmitters I have too but they can't touch 1++MHz data transfers. Those antennas also take a hit only "once"... Maybe the super versatile RC microcontroller down "in the box" talking back to remote higher powered computers and toys. I am thinking way ahead here, but if the lead times for this stuff is like 3-6 months I had better get them on order...

I've used the Rabbits a lot. While the coremodules might only be $50, there's an issue of connectors and stuff. Rabbit does sell the mating SIP connectors. There's also a surprising amount of useful glue on the eval board, so all in all, you might be better off blowing $100 more to get eval boards with the core module already bolted on. For instance, the eval board has the IrDA transceiver on it.

Rabbit also sells a line of ethernet core modules, which I've used. They're quite nice. I see that they have some that will connect to a 802.11b wireless interface as well.

There are also a number of 802.11b to bidirectional printer interfaces around.