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RE: Terry's DRSSTC - HFBR Optical Tx/Rx

Original poster: Terry Fritz <teslalist@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Dan,

Are they threaded for panel mount? Not a big deal if they are not. My E-mail is:


I think I could use up to three sets if yours really are just extras you don't need. The transmitters are hard to find "anywhere" right now (somebody bought them all up...).

I am thinking I need to pull data back the other direction to a computer and to really play with the sparks at the "1/2-cycle-by-cycle" level.

Of course, I will be happy to reimburse you for all the costs. I really like the Agilent versions since they are very high quality compared to the "other guys". The ST connectors and cable have always stood up very well too.

The "Controller" is now a protoboard in a die cast aluminum box so "anything" is possible ;-)))

I am thinking of playing with the ringup times and then modulating the coil after that (Steve has me all interested ;-)). Like hitting the primary every tenth cycle after breakout or something to maintain say 100 amps in the primary. All kinds of wild possibilities! but they require passing high speed digital to the coil back to computers and such.

The RCM3600 processor (http://www.rabbitsemiconductor.com/products/rcm3600/rcm3600.pdf) is only $49 but it can play WAV audio files with pulse modulation with a little C-program ;-) Maybe a disruptive type talking coil! There are super nice little cheap short range RF transmitters I have too but they can't touch 1++MHz data transfers. Those antennas also take a hit only "once"... Maybe the super versatile RC microcontroller down "in the box" talking back to remote higher powered computers and toys. I am thinking way ahead here, but if the lead times for this stuff is like 3-6 months I had better get them on order...

I have two DigiKey orders and two PC board orders due this week so things are coming together "fast" now!! I just ordered protection card (version-2) and the H-bridge card...



The little tiny cheap H-bridge should be able to kick serious power even though it is tiny and cheap. I have not fried an IGBT in two years now, and I don't plan on starting soon :oD If I do though, it will be "spectacular"!! I face the IGBTs toward each other along with the "final disaster control MOV" to contain the destruction within the cheap replaceable and rebuildable unit.



At 01:02 PM 1/11/2005, you wrote:

I have both HFBR2412 receivers and HFBR1412 transmitters.

Let me know how many you need and I can send you a couple.


>Do you know of a good place to get the Agilent HFBR stuff?  Like
>everything, Newark always has it, but their prices and
>shipping add-ons for
>little orders are pretty steep!.
>         Terry