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RE: Speaking of Electrum: was RE: Giant DC coil to run in Australia

Original poster: Greg Leyh <lod@xxxxxxxxxxx>

George, Chris,

We finished the Electrum install in April, 1998. It operates there on an occasional basis.
Electrum is located within a private farm, and is not open to the public at the present time.
Perhaps that will change someday, when the owner feels his sculpture farm is complete. ^_^

Currently I'm preparing another set of tungsten inserts for Electrum's rotary gap; it's third set.
The best photos I personally have of it operating are at the Shipyard, on the lod.org website:

Oddly enough, all of the operating photos I have were shot by others; I was usually focused
on running the thing, and watching for disaster. I wish now that I had bought a good camera
and had done a better documentation job.

Alberta Chu has some NZ operating footage in her documentary, and has taken trips back
there since then. She might prepare a more comprehensive documentary including Electrum
and the Farm at large.


Original poster: "Mudford, Chris" <chris.mudford@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Better still; for us little folk down here residing in New Zealand; if
it is ever running what are the chances of seeing it operating?

Cheers, Chris (NZ).

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I have seen several pics of the Electrum construction over the last few
years...Was it ever completed???   Did it work???   Any pictures of it

George Stein
Bedford, Va.