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Re: Terry's DRSSTC

Original poster: Terry Fritz <teslalist@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Mike,

At 05:56 PM 1/8/2005, you wrote:
Hi Terry,
Yes the HFBR series are nice. I've been using the analog 125 Mhz units in 2 optical bands here on the plasma frequency receivers. They seem to make a good product, meeting spec and then some. Lately been using a PMT and 72 mm 427.8 nm filter as well. You would get that spectra from a TC ionizing the N2 in air. As I remember on the data sheets (PDF files) they speak of inverted outputs on some of the models, have a bunch of analog and digital units here.

Do you know of a good place to get the Agilent HFBR stuff? Like everything, Newark always has it, but their prices and shipping add-ons for little orders are pretty steep!.