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Re: DC tesla coil

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My coil is DC resonant charge powered.  Yes, MO diodes will work if your
average current is 300 ma or less.  It probably will be unless you run your
rotary spark gap at very high break rates.  MO caps are rated at about 3 KV
DC, so you will need to use 4 of them in series parallel for each of the
doubler output caps.  I have used MOT diodes for de-Qing diodes - no

The main problem with the setup described at the scopeboy site is if you
don't run the RSG fast enough, you end up with flaming, trailing arcs in the
RSG because the charging reactor saturates and stops acting like a current
limiter, and you have a direct short across your power supply - not good.
The way to eliminate that problem is to add another set of RSG stationary
electrodes spaced so when one set is lined up with the rotor electrodes, the
other set is spaced half way between the rotor electrodes.  The RSG then is
wired to resonant charge the capacitors through one set of gaps, then
discharge the capacitor into the primary through the other set of
electrodes.  Works wonderfully well, and you can run your RSG as slow as you
want with no diode popping power arcs.  As a bonus, the charging reactor
only needs to be around 0.2 Henry, easily achieved with 4 50 mH home made
air core coils in series to withstand the voltage across it.

--Steve Y.
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> Original poster: Blake Hartley <teslaspud@xxxxxxxxx> > > Hello all, > > I am in the process of developing a DC tesla coil. For the power > supply, I am going to use a single MOT with a voltage doubler/ > smoother such as this one: > http://www.scopeboy.com/tesla/tc2schem.html > I am going to replace the diodes he uses with microwave oven diodes > and use the same capacitors. Would this setup work? Also, would two > microwave oven diodes in series work for the de-Qing diode? Thanks for > all of the help. > > Blake > > > >