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Re: DC tesla coil

Original poster: "Paul Benham" <paulb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Steve,

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> If you mean "the same capacitors as I used" then it should be all right,
> you mean "the same capacitors as were in the ovens you pulled the diodes
> from" no.

I have used the microwave oven caps in my doubler without problems so far.
I used one in series with the transformer output, but I used two sets of two
in series for the output capacitor.  So far I have not had a problem, but
the capacitance used is less than your design so I guess the power
throughput may be a little lower.  I have not had a really long run time on
them yet, so I cannot say what the reliability will be like if microwave
capacitors are used.  I only used them because they came at the right price.