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RE: Static gap construction

Original poster: "Rich" <rdjmgmt@xxxxxxxxxx>

The way I did mine was to place the copper in the PVC with some foam in
the middle to force the copper out, space them with a cut up credit card
and mark the PVC where the copper is to go. I drilled the copper for a
#4 screw and the PVC with a oversize hole (about for an #8) assemble the
parts with the required spacer (.025 to .035) and snug into place , put
epoxy between the copper and PVC.


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Subject: Static gap construction

Original poster: "Black Moon" <black_moons@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi, im making a static gap out of 1/2" copper pipe sections mounted in a

PVC pipe with air blowing though it, and was wondering, how exactly do
place the PVC pipe section drill holes with any accuracy? or calculate
far they should be apart? or do you just drill slots and tune each
before drilling the next?