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RE: www.drsstc.com massive update!

Original poster: Sue Gaeta <sgsparky@xxxxxxxxxxx>

That's cool, because I am doing exactly the same thing and wondered if anyone else was trying the DRSSTC thing with 'P460s. I am reworking my old SSTC that I built from scratch that used to be known as "The Beast". I got rid of my discrete driver, and replaced it with the pulsable UCC273XX chips, and added the 555 pulser circuit. I tried to throw a cap on as well to make it a DRSSTC, and it didn't work at all. I think my problem is that it either wasn't tuned exactly to resonance, or it may be because the cap value was too small. I am going to rebuild the primary so that it is tappable, so that I will have greater tuning flexibility. The H bridge was drawing 7 amps at 120 volts input in CW, now I am only drawing 250mA. The coil still sparks for a few seconds after I shut off the H.B. supply (I also added the 3,000uf bulk cap when I made the other changes). I need to open the flood gates a little more now :-)

I also have a collection of boards from Dan that are completed. All I have to do is put all that stuff together, and I could have a DRSSTC in a day, but I want to optimise this other thing rather than mothball it. You learn more that way. I just learned how important it is to have a 10K resistor in series with the current transformer. If I just did the plug and play thing, it would have worked right away, and would never know why it was there!


Tesla list <tesla@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Original poster: "Derek Woodroffe"

I'm doing some experiments with a small IRFP460 SSTC, I have now
added the extra primary cap to make the setup a DRSSTC, the project is still
in progress, If you wish to add it to the list of DRSSTC's on your site. The
URL is http://www.roffesoft.co.uk/tesla/sstc2