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Re: www.drsstc.com massive update!

Original poster: Terry Fritz <teslalist@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Steve,

At 11:32 PM 1/3/2005, you wrote:

Starting to look good ;-).

Once this cold weather breaks and i can run the coils outdoors again,
i should start taking down some complete "data" of all of my DRSSTCs
and various aspects (power consumption, primary current, spark length,
BPS, pulse width, coil parameters, the list goes on!).  But its
winter, time to start fiddling with robots and those cool lifter
things ;-).

I tend to do robots in the Summer and coils in the Winter ;-) My lifter just burnt up :-(

Gosh, i still have to find a use for those CM600s ;-), that will have
to wait till spring, hehehe.  Any bets on how long of sparks can be
created from a 45"x8" secondary? ;-).

We need to figure out a John Freau style formula for DRSSTC spark length... Maybe those CM600's could heat the place up!! At say 300Volts and 3600 peak amps, they could push over 1,000,000 peak watts!! And that is just "input" power, let alone the "ring up" power...

Hey, here is a thought, how about a DRSSTC picture gallery?  Just a
couple of photos on the main page to quickly grab the readers
attention (like some big sparks and stuff!).

I added one of the pictures off your site ;-) "Galleries" tend to need HTML stuff beyond the abilities of the amoeba 0:p I think I'll let the linked sites worry with that... The thing has to be ultra simple to maintain, otherwise it will not get maintained... The StarOffice thing is super simple ;-)) This whole "minimal" HTML thing is about as simple as it can get, but seems to work very well!!

One other site i can think of off the top of my head that should be
linked is Jason's page, im not sure if he is on the TCML:


I think he got like 5' so far from one of his setups, but i really
cant remember for sure.

Got him!!

Hopefully any other experimenters will speak up with their websites
that we dont know about!


I also updated my pictures and stuff so the files descriptions make a little more sense now.

Also ordered two new boards:


Need to get lots of PC boards on order still (controller, IGBT drive, H-Bridge). I think I have all the raw parts now....

Fun fun fun!!!