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www.drsstc.com massive update!

Original poster: Terry Fritz <teslalist@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi all,

I was having a little trouble keeping stuff updated on DRSSTC.COM. It was just too "complex" for "me" O:o))

So I converted everything to StarOffice documents only one directory deep! I don't think a web page can be simpler to use or maintain ;-)) It should actually be simpler to use since there is not "all that fluff" now :o)) It took me about an hour to write and convert everything :-))

I just need to use more descriptive file names especially for the pictures.

The main page is also no longer about "me", but is now about "DRSSTCs" like it was supposed to be. Let me know if I have the facts all wrong or if there are any other cool "specifically DRSSTC" sites out there I should link too.