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RE: OLTC Measuring Peak Current

Original poster: "Derek Woodroffe" <tesla@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

>My small shunts are 12" of 18 ga 302 stainless. My meadium shunts are 14"
>3/8 203 round stoch amd my largest shunt is a 2 ft 3/4 round stock cut in
half length wise. >Inductance is no problem unless you fold the stock into
less length. That adds inductance . >The streight rods do not cause an
inductance  problem unless the length is 1/10 of the wave >length.
>       Robert    H

	Unfortunately adding any additional length of conductor into the
primary circuit will add inductance. I believe a rule of thumb is 0.5uH per
meter for two wires spaced 1cm apart.

To keep down inductance I'd have to run another wire in parallel with the
shunt, making 2' of wire roughly adding 0.4uH to the primary circuit.

My OLTC primary is roughly 2uH so this would give a 20% addition in the
inductance of the circuit and reduce the total current in the primary. It
would also throw the coil out of tune.