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Re: PVC sign material

Original poster: "Mike Knowlton" <amdx@xxxxxxxxxxx>

> Original poster: tesla <tesla@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Hi Ted in NZ here
> I believe this might be foamed PVC, available in nz is thicknesess from 6
> thru 25 mm. Trade name here is "plaswood" from some suppliers
> Wonderful stuff use it in every possible manner in my coils, great for the
> primary base or as supports for primary on wood base.
> Used it in end caps for secondary tube and in plenum is blown gaps. Also
> used it to mount primary caps.
> Low dielectric loss (mostly air) strong and really easy to cut and work
> and its quite cheap (again low mass so little product)
> Good luck
> Ted
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> Sent: Thursday, April 28, 2005 5:00 AM
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Thinks for the input Ted,
  I was thinking this would be a great material, I have already glued (PVC
cement) two pieces together to use as my bottom end cap. I think 1/2" will
be fine for the top end cap and the flashover baffles. I'll be picking up
scraps at the local sign shops!

>  > Original poster: "Mike Knowlton" <amdx@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>  >
>  >   I have some white 1/2" PVC sign material. This material is
>  > sometimes milled to form letters or to put designs in it.
>  > I'm thinking about using it as my end plates and flashover baffles.
>  >    I'm looking for material specifications but have not found any.
>  >    It seems to me it is lighter then standard PVC. I wonder if it is a
> foam
>  > type material.
>  >
>  >    Do you think it would be a good material to use?
>  >                                                    Mike
>  >
>  >