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Re: No Terry filter

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In a message dated 4/28/05 2:58:48 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, tesla@xxxxxxxxxx writes:
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For what its worth, i have built many NST powered tesla coils ranging
from 4kV/20mA up to paralleled 15kV/60mA NSTs.
I NEVER use safety gaps or terry filters and never had a failure.  I
also push my coils particularily hard.
I did build a Terry filter once, but sold it right afterwards and never
really used it.

My 0.03 cents


Hi All,
It's all in cost/risk analysis. Terry filters, crash helmets, condoms, and back-up parachutes- A few of the very careful/lucky folks might live for years without them. BUT, the consequences of not having one that one special time are severe. (see also Russian roulette)

 How lucky do you feel today, sucker?

Matt D.