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Re: mmc capacitors

Original poster: "Paul B. Brodie" <pbbrodie@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Have you tried the Electronic Goldmine?
<http://www.goldmine-elec.com>www.goldmine-elec.com Search for high voltage caps. They have about 8 different poly caps rated from 1250 to 1800 volts
and between 2000 and 9100 pF. I'm sure you can find something you can use there.
Think Positive

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> hello,
> Im in the process of building my first battery operated mini tesla coil
> from scratch . The power supply is either going to be a stun gun circuit or
> a plasma globe circuit. I am in the market for some of those yellow
> polypropylene capacitors or the orange ones. Does anyone have a few laying
> around they would like to sell. I only need a few but if someone has more i
> will buy alot depending on the cost. Ive looked on ebay and come up empty
> and ive done internet searches but they arent looking to good. all replys
> are appreciated.
> Andrew