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RE: Wendover Coil Vs USAF lightning TesT? - Which aircraft ? ? ?

Original poster: "Mccauley, Daniel H" <daniel.h.mccauley@xxxxxxxx>

There was hardly anything on those planes that *would* have been
susceptable to EMP.
Certaintly didn't have any transistors (in particular bipolars), or
other sensitive
electronics.  Probably some tube radios etc..., but other than that . .


>Well..... The B29 survived the EMP in Japan. Seems like a >good faraday >shield will work just find (if no leaks).

>>The only weapons systems that were especially hardened
>against EMP were
>>the Patriot missile and the B1. All the rest were "on their
>own". Think
>>about flying a "fly by wire" jet (F16) and the EMP hits it.
>Well, at least
>>the ejection seat will still function. lol The Marx is very
>good for EMP
>>testing, because the pulse has a fast rise and slow decay
>time. Basically
>>the EMP is a lightning bolt.
>>    Several ppl have mentioned their Marx experiences; like
>blowing up
>> test equipment, or being shocked across the room.