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Golden Leaf Top Terminal?

Original poster: Terry Fritz <teslalist@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>


My eye was caught with a little gold leaf toy at the store the other day:


Just a little jar filled with mineral oil and a bunch of gold leaf. Really pretty!! Genuine Colorado gold too ;-))

So that got me thinking about the old thread about coating the top terminal with gold leaf... We wondered if it would just burn off like the aluminum in a CD. Or, maybe just the thin coating ( 2 millionths of an inch thick!!) over metal would be protected and would last just fine... Gold is very resilient to electrical burning off...

I was just wondering if anyone every actually "did it"?  and how it worked out?

3.375 x 3.375 sheets of gold leaf can be bought in QTY 25 for about $40.


You paying for the pounding since that $40 gets you enough gold to make a square of gold only 0.001 inch on a side!!! But just a tiny fraction of that "looks" like a lot ;-))) Somebody can figure out how much 1 billionth of a square inch of gold is worth ;-))

But if gold leaf would stand up to arcing, it would be a cool thing to cover a top terminal with!!