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Re: Wendover Coil Vs USAF lightning TesT? - Which aircraft ? ? ?

Original poster: "Gerald  Reynolds" <gerryreynolds@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Well..... The B29 survived the EMP in Japan. Seems like a good faraday shield will work just find (if no leaks).

Original poster: "James" <mustang3@xxxxxxx>

The only weapons systems that were especially hardened against EMP were the Patriot missile and the B1. All the rest were "on their own". Think about flying a "fly by wire" jet (F16) and the EMP hits it. Well, at least the ejection seat will still function. lol The Marx is very good for EMP testing, because the pulse has a fast rise and slow decay time. Basically the EMP is a lightning bolt.
Several ppl have mentioned their Marx experiences; like blowing up test equipment, or being shocked across the room.