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Midwest Teslathon

Original poster: "Dr. Resonance" <resonance@xxxxxxxxxx>

The Midwest Cheesehead Teslathon is now officially scheduled for Sat., Sept. 3rd. At our shop on E11870 Shadylane Rd, located 4 miles south of the Wis. Dells exit (Hwy 12 east) off I-90/94. Shadylane Road east 3 miles off Hwy 12.

We will have Steve Ward and Steve Blakes solid state coils in operation. also, our Big Bruiser running at 28 kVA with it's 10 ft x 30 inch toroid.

Also our large 1,000,000 Volt Van de Graaff. Dave Weiss's coils and a host of other small and medium size coils in operation.

A possible laser show display if we can find a canvas big enough for it.

The horse trading starts around 1 PM at the swap tables, small coils run indoors during the day, and all coils running outside as dusk hits --- until 11 PM --- when we promised our farmer neighbors we would shut down.

Food & drink furnished.

Dr. Resonance