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Re: Who all has built OLTCs?

Original poster: Finn Hammer <f-h@xxxx>


You are absolutely correct! Obsolete they are.
Boring perhaps, but super reliable.

And like all the other obsoletes, like the gappers and the single resonaters, they are perfectly suitable for applications where you have to turn your back on them, like in Museum and display situations.
Unlike the much fabled about DRSSTC`s which are still prone to blow up any minute now.
But different strokes for different folks. Within the next year or so, the DRSSTC has been debugged, tesla coiling will have made another giant leap forward, and heaven knows what kind of coil topology will be the contemporary source of schrapnell.
Integrated cirquitry?

Cheers, Finn Hammer

Tesla list wrote:

Original poster: "Mccauley, Daniel H" <daniel.h.mccauley@xxxxxxxx>

OLTC means "Obsolete at Last, Tesla Coil"


>OK, I will ask the silly question. What does >the "OL" mean? (You need to realize there are a lot of us who >are relatively new to this >list.) >Sam Johnson