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Re: Who all has built OLTCs?

Original poster: Terry Fritz <teslalist@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>



It is sort of like the salt water vs. MMC thing.... If you want to make a solid state coil that is real simple and easy to understand, the OLTC is it. If you want super high performance with more cost, knowledge needed, then the DRSSTC....

For high reliability manned space flight use, the OLTC is best :o))) But nothing beats the "performance" of the DRSSTC even if it does blow it guts out now and then... However, or friends across the pond have really taken the OLTC to super high levels!!!

The DRSSTC also has the advantage in that "I" did not make up the abbreviation :o)))



At 12:28 PM 4/20/2005, you wrote:
wow dan! what a statement. the drsstc hasnt stopped blowing up silicone yet but many oltc have been built very reliable. i think ok on the performance front they come in second but if i had to put one of them into commercial use it would be the oltc for its reliabilty.

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OLTC means "Obsolete at Last, Tesla Coil"


>OK, I will ask the silly question. What does >the "OL" mean? (You need to realize there are a lot of us who >are relatively new to this >list.) >Sam Johnson