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Re: Magnifier Driver coil design

Original poster: "Antonio Carlos M. de Queiroz" <acmdq@xxxxxxxxxx>

Tesla list wrote:

Original poster: FutureT@xxxxxxx

I'd recommend using Antonio's design formulas for trapping
all the energy in the 3rd coil at the same time, and possibly
benefiting from the fast "quench" that is possible with the
solid state system.  The type of solid state coils you're
building may be the first type of Tesla coil that can easily
test and benefit from Antonio's ideas.  Getting a tight enough
coupling may be difficult though.  You may be able to get a
pretty high overall coupling though.

A difficulty is that a magnifier with a DRSSTC driver is quite different from a capacitor-discharge magnifier. Design solutions for this system exist, but closed-form design formulas would be very complicated, due to the four frequencies involved (driving frequency and three resonances). In a first approach, it's possible to design the whole system as a single DRSSTC system, and then simply decide on where to split the secondary coil in two, adjusting the coupling coefficient between the primary and secondary coils to compensate the moving away of the upper end of the secondary as the third coil. Once obtained C1, L1, C2, L2, and k for a regular DRSSTC, L2 is split into L2' and L3 (L2=L2'+L3), and k is adjusted to k'=k*sqrt(L2/L2') A regular DRSSTC design can be designed with the sstcd program, available at: http://www.coe.ufrj.br/~acmq/programs

This ignores the effect of the capacitance to ground at
the transmission line between the top of L2' and the
bottom of L3. To take into account this capacitance, the
four frequencies must be considered. Using the software that
I have developed, this can be done, but is somewhat
complicated. The problem of how to implement a precise
capacitance between the transmission line and ground
appears again, as in the design of a 6th-order capacitor-
discharge magnifier. I can make an example, if there is

Antonio Carlos M. de Queiroz