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Original poster: Ed Phillips <evp@xxxxxxxxxxx>


Glad you found it before the house burned down. . . . .

Using a capacitor to drop line voltage / limit current is the new rage
- transformer less battery charger. The only trouble with the design
is the value cap used for x amps of current is figured at 60 cycles,
you had a LOT of high frequency noise on the line, current went up,
and as Brian stated it so Politically Correct "caused premature

Might want to think about a filter to ground out any high freq. on the
line, I've got one on the leg feeding my barn to keep the Wart Hog at

Nice to hear that the BIGGG COIL is back on line."

	When I was playing around with a "light dimmer - capacitor - ignition
coil" spark generator (series connected directly to the line) I measured
the peak currents as over 30 amps.  This was for a 2 ufd capacitor on a
120 volt circuit.  I can imagine lots of line "glitches" with bigger
capacitors and higher voltages.


P.S. Glad your damage wasn't worse than it was.