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Re: This Hobby's Expensive - Tosh! No,my good man, it isn't!

Original poster: Terry Fritz <teslalist@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>


Svetlana makes a lot of big power tubes still to this day and they are good quality. RF Parts carries them:





Beware some of the cheap "chinese" tubes. I got two and they literally fell apart in my hands since the glue used to hold the base and top terminal was not designed to withstand heat :-p Once i glues them back together, they just arced and blew up.... I like Svetlana! The people at RF parts can help you be sure you get good ones. Svetlana's websites seem to be forever down :-(

RF Part also sell all kinds of other goodies!




At 06:11 PM 4/17/2005, you wrote:
"  I went out on a limb  and bought a fine HP tube signal generator for
20$ 0n
Ebay .Tubes are hard to get, but it puts out 20v  3W signal which makes
finding a coils resonant frequency easy ."

        Tubes of the kind you'd need for that kind of test equipment are easy
to find at reasonable prices.  Quite a few guys have good stocks on hand
and have web pages.  Antique Electronic Supply is one example.