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Re: PVC tube lacquer?

Original poster: "Dr. Resonance" <resonance@xxxxxxxxxx>

Try calling a large electric motor rewind shop.  The materials they are
using will work fine.  I might avoid the materials with iron in it --- may
be a conductor at high potentials.

Dr. Resonance

> Living in the Netherlands, I could not find a source of Glyptal for
> precoating my 5" PVC tube like Dr Resonance advices.  Now I plan to use a
> clear alkyd lacquer or PU lacquer instead. As to the importance of this
> layer, is it meant to keep moisture out or is it also for bettering the
> resistance against surface (creep)sparks between ajoining windings? Dr
> Resonance also advices layers of Dolph's AC-43 after winding the
> I plan to apply 5 layers of PU lacquer as I did with my 3" coil, as I also
> could not find a firm that sells AC43. However, I could buy Dolph's ER-41
> spray. (Strange that this isolation repair spray, according to Internet
> information, contains iron oxyde in its (red) mixture and is therefore
> slightly ferro magnetic!). Could this be the same stuff as AC-43?
> At the moment I am drying out the sanded PVC tube in a long, blanketed,
> carton box with a (burning) 40 Watt TL tube underneath the PVC. As the
> temperature inside is only 36 degrees Celcius, this drying out may take
> weeks... Gues I must look for more heat...What if I precoat only the
> outside, wire the tube and heat it by pushing AC current through the
> winding?.. Then, after a two days heating I can coat the inside to seal
> the PVC... Is this a sound idea?.. (Windings coming loose..) Is all this
> drying out worth my efforts?.(The TC stays sheltered inside the house).
> Regards,  Willem,  PA0TW