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Re: DRSS-XXX? (Cost of SGTC vs. SSTC)

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> "I joined the list just recently and feel pretty lost because of all the
> abbreviations. But, could you just give an approximate cost of one system
> vs.
> the other. (Spark gap vs.

You really cannot compared to two between costs.  A simple SGTC might cost
less than $20.00 to build, and likewise, a very simple SSTC might
cost the same.  On the otherhand, one could easily spend over $1000 on a
SGTC and the same on a SSTC.

It all depends on the complexity, size, part availability, and so forth . .


Hi Dan, All,

While this is true in the extremes, and special circumstances, I believe that it creates a false general impression. I think it is fair to say that the average cost of an SG coil is less than the average cost of an SS coil of the SAME power and general construction. There is also the added fact that a working SG coil can be built with visits to the hardware store and/or a junk yard, while an SS coil requires one or more of these:

1) You have a larger bankroll
2) You work in the electronics industry and thus can get free samples or play "stockroom shrinkage". ;-))
3) You are located where you can dive in the electronics industry's dumpsters.

Test equipment which is optional for a SG coil is mandatory for an SS one. The precision diagnostic equipment for tuning and adjusting my first 4 SG coils were an analog multimeter, and oscillator, and later, two LEDs. I would not recommend trying to build and adjust an SS coil without a decent scope.
For the average newbie or neophyte, I believe that the "classic TC" still yields the best ratio of (spark-inch)/(dollar*manhour).

For 2 cents plain,
Matt D.