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Re: tubecoil

Original poster: Vladimiro Mazzilli <mazvla@xxxxxx>

I too, have little time in this months to dedicate at TC building; I have two
VTTC in plan, but There is also a 12" DRSSTC made with IGBT brick and bus bar
"half-built" and in any case nine years ago I was one between the firsts,
that try to make a drsstc (at the time sstc was with only one resonator),
once there was not fast Igbt and mosfet limited the job.
The principal mistake was that I wound secondaries that worked not in
resonance with primary and the result was not better than 10" discharge.
But although I have remarkabled interest in solid state, VTTC for me are the
best attractive stuff ,like a 845 tube Hi end power amp, you can see the
power flowing through the tubes when it is glowing, semiconductor are cold.



Tesla list ha scritto:

> Original poster: FutureT@xxxxxxx
> In a message dated 4/16/05 7:39:23 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
> tesla@xxxxxxxxxx writes:
> >There is a great increase of interest in SSTC but the old and rugged and
> >spectacular tubecoils are forgotten? I have recorded  225 messages in
> >1998, 231 in 1999, 396 in 2000, 509 in 2001, 418 in 2002, 548 in 2004,
> >and now only 2 in 2005 for me that built some sstc, there are nothing so
> >warm and hissing as a VTTC.
> >
> >Vladi
> Vladi,
> The tube coils are not forgotten but the SSTC's can provide
> important research capabilities.  Interesting about the number of
> VTTC postings.  I'm presently building a new VTTC, but I've been
> busy with other things so progress is slow.  There does seem to
> be "trends" that occur with some regularity though.  For instance
> there was the SRSG trend, the STSG trend, the vortex gap trend,
> mini-coil trend, the staccato trend, the high break-rate trend, the
> low-breakrate trend, etc., over the years.  There are also folks on the
> list who build various Tesla coil projects but never post about them.
> Cheers,
> John Freau