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Movie of Wendover Coil Vs USAF test model aircraft.

Original poster: "Mike" <induction@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi All,
I have just uploaded the Movie (bit over 7 minutes Mpeg1 format) of the Wendover Coil, A duplicate of Tesla's CS coil with extra coil, as it beats the daylights out of a Model the USAF had contracted to be tested. They wanted to see how the composite material stood up to discharges. Placed inside were electronics in "hardened" areas plus a bunch of electronic watches. I am told that the watches inside did not do so well. Using infornation gained in this experiment, the design people went back to the drawing boards to better protect the electronics so that in a thunder strorm, the future designs had a better chance of staying in the air. The movie begins with one of the testers being interviewed about what they are doing there and why, then the fireworks begin. A mirror has been placed in sone views to see both the strike area camera can see plus the back side. Dos file size is 84,639,744 bytes. This is my first VCR to MPG movie conversion with the USB convertor I bought for this job. To down load, the link is


For those that have never seen this coil in operation, this is a chance.Hope you enjoy it.