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Re: marx chokes

Original poster: Ed Phillips <evp@xxxxxxxxxxx>

"Did I mention the "rods" were ferrite? I think I may have forgotten.
I'll collect some more concrete info to post tomorrow. The chokes
could usefully have had a lot higher inductance than they did. They
shouldn't saturate as they have end - end airgaps.


	I erased the original note but sure got the impression your windings
were on ferrite rods.  As for saturation, I'm not sure that the air gap
will be enough; it's all in the effective "volts per turn".  I had
problems at very much lower power levels when I did an experiment to see
if I could use a movable ferrite rod (actually several of them, 1/2" dia
x 2-1/2" long) to tune a 4 mH loading coil for a LF antenna.