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RE: Connecting pipes together for primary?

Original poster: dgoodfellow@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Quoting Tesla list <tesla@xxxxxxxxxx>:

> Have you ever tried to take a coil of #6 solid Cu wire wound on the > hexagonal spool at Home Depot, and re-form it into a smooth spiral? > That stuff is a b***h to work with!

The key is to not let them put it on the folding hex spooler. When I need the
solid wire, I either take an empty spool with me to dispense it without those
hex bends, or just buy the whole 500' (8 gauge that is) I did make the mistake
of buying it after they had put the bends in the copper, and I never did wind
it into a primary.

Dave Goodfellow

> Regards, Gary Lau
>  > Original poster: "Dr. Resonance" <resonance@xxxxxxxxxx>
>  >
>  > As long as you use a torch and silver solder no problem.  Regular
> solder
>  > will offer high resistance to RF currents with it's lead/tin content.
>  >
>  > Sometimes it's easier to just use #6 AWG ground wire, solid, from Home
>  > Depot.
>  >
>  > After conducting a "scrap wire" tuning session, remove the wire,
> measure it,
>  > and add two more turns length, then you can get the Home Depot wire
> cut to
>  > the correct length.
>  >
>  > Dr. Resonance