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RE: Terry's DRSSTC - Experiment - A curious thing...

Original poster: "Derek Woodroffe" <tesla@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

	I have run my smaller OLTC's at high BPS and I have always got
streamer length improvements after the magic 400bps. I've never really
pinned down as to why (I tend not to delve too deep into things that work!!)
. One Effect that I do get is that I can have a bang before the secondary
has completely rung down. When this happened I get constructive/destructive
effects at different BPS's as the bangs go into and out of sync with the
still ringing secondary. I cant believe that you are getting these effects
at 600BPS, but a simply scoping the output of the coil would verify  if you
are getting near CW operation. With the OLTC running at high BPS, I do get
the straight SSTC/VTTC type streamers forming, this too may account for the
change in appearance of the discharge.

More info at http://www.roffesoft.co.uk/tesla/oltc/oltc2.htm

Cheers Derek