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Terry's DRSSTC - Controller Experiment

Original poster: Terry Fritz <teslalist@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi All,

Things got a little slow lately but I am back at it again ;-)

I have reprogrammed the DRSSTC controller now so it does the following:

1: Displays Pulse Width, BPS, and number of repetitions to the computer screen. Next time, I will add an LCD display to the controller... Also better rechargeable batteries and charge monitor...

2:  Pulse Width (basically power control) can be varied from 10uS to 500uS.

3:  BPS can be varied from 40 - 1000 BPS.

4: Repetitions (pulses per firing) can be varied from 1 to 20 (or any number really).

There is about two seconds between bursts. Since the firing duty cycle can be up to 50%, I have to let it "rest" sometime ;-)

So it fires one pulse, waits two seconds, fires two pulses, waits two seconds, fires three pulses... With the time between pulses and power level controlled to within 1%.

The DRSSTC box's own protection circuits will have to really work now since the controller can send pulses trains in that would normally blow it up...

But it should be an experimenter's "dream machine" now ;-)) The snow blizzard here is quickly drying off so I should get to try it out soon!!