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RE: Primary Frustration!

Original poster: Yurtle Turtle <yurtle_t@xxxxxxxxx>

Try to screw your supports to your base like I did.


I used Lexan, so I really hated having to do it for
asthetic reasons, but in the end, it didn't look so
bad, and was necessary. As you wind from outside
inward, the amount of force you are applying to wind
the coil is being met with the tubing's opposite force
trying to increase the diameter of your supports (if
that makes sense). When my supports broke loose, they
would no longer fit the primary base. They had
"sprung" apart. There is quite a bit of "spring"
action trying to pull your supports apart. Once I gave
up on glue and screwed my supports down, it worked
like a charm. A lot of work to wind though.

Unless you can use plastics that like to be glued
together, like PVC and PVC, I'd either screw your
supports to your base, or slot your holes, or both.

Good luck
--- Tesla list <tesla@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Original poster: "Daniel Koll"
> <dk_spl_audio@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> Well, the epoxy broke off too.  I am getting really
> upset, kind of funny
> how much time I have spent doing this.  I am now
> trying Gorilla Glue,
> hopefully that will do it.  If it doesn't then I am
> going to have to use
> hardware of some sort to mount it.  I have yet to
> see Gorilla Glue fail
> anywhere so I think it should be good.
> Also, I wound a few turns before the epoxy broke and
> it was really easy,
> drilling the next size up really helped, thanks!