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Re: turnoid question

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Wow, I wish I lived in Charleston, WV!!! Do you need a room mate? That's a really nice facility you've got there.
Paul Brodie
Think Positive

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> Hello all,
> I'm new to this list and I am a senior in civil engineering (formerly
> electrical engineering) at Ohio University. I have a bit of free time this
> quarter during the weekdays and decided to build my first tesla coil. I seem
> to be having a little trouble deciding on how to construct a turnoid. I
> realize that the better the turnoid, the longer the streamers - so I want to
> make this good, without spending too much cash. I was thinking of forming some
> chicken wire into a donut shape and then wraping that in aluminum foil. I
> would greatly appreciate any alternate suggestions or comments on that plan.
> John Krinks
> Hi John and welcome!
> Several people have used chicken wire both with and without coverings
> successfully. It is also not unusual to add rings of plywood for rigidity.
> I live "down the road a piece" from you, Charleston, WV and am essentially
> housebound. I have a number of 50-100 yr old measuring instruments and a
> few up to date ones and a modest library of vintage texts. Also a 10ft X
> 10ft X 8ft caged coil room with 120Vx30A, 240Vx30A and 120Vx50A power
> soiurces, and a 5KVA gasoline-powered generator set. If your interested in
> dropping down sometime let me know off-list and I'll put on the coffee.
> Matt D.