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RE: Rife machines

Original poster: Harvey Norris <harvich@xxxxxxxxx>

--- Tesla list <tesla@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote: > Original poster: <sparks@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> > > > frequency generator > > machine with a plasma valve to cure some > deseases. Does any > > of you have > > interest in that area? > > See my web site at http://w5jgv.com I have some Rife > project information > on my web site. > > Ralph W5JGV - WC2XSR/13 > > http://w5jgv.com > http://www.spectrotek.com Great info there, have to digest that for awhile... However I am at a disability to even TRY to understand WHY everyone thinks in terms of a specific frequency broadcast, but my methods are different. In the past I made seed generation experiments that were very convincing, and this year I am agin setting up the same things to see the problem again, to verify past results. What I do is very simple, but somewhat expensive. I take a high induction coil of very long wire length and inductance and give it a capacity to resonate at wall freq of 60 hz. I put a stainless steel non magnetic plate over a stack of strong (SrFE)magnets, and hook that to the 60 hz resonat voltage rise. Below that plate I put windings across the magnets stack, the windings have no direct connection to the source of resonat voltage rise. There is no need for windings at all. It could just be surface contact of aluminum foil. a wire goes from there to a small neon bulb. Then an arc gap, and then a plate. The bulb, the plate which one can touch with no shock all delivers high freq. It also does this with no arc gap. but the gap has a special purpose. With the gap in place with the polar capacity line discharge, it causes the central magnet stack to vibrate, and magnets around it will also vibrate. Without the arc gap nothing vibrates. But in all these things no specific frequency is involved. If you try to measure the frequency being emmited scope wise you will get upteen different answers as to what that frequency is, and the obvoius conclusion is that the measuring instrument only tells what the measuring inductor coupled with the scopes internal capacity will give as an answer. I only conclude that there is no magical frequency at all, and the source beinga resonance generated at 60 hz, delivers a plethora of higher harmonics?

In any case I no longer think in terms of a specific
frequency being generated; and it is perfectly
possible to think in terms of an impulse that excites
the measuring instrument to vibrate at its own
resonant frequency; and if we get totally confused
about the matter we might think that many specifc
frequencies are being broadcasted simultaneously, a la
Lakhovsky idea, although that is not fair at all,
because he designed that apparatus to do what the idea

The Case of Antoine Priore /HDN's MWO devices
Mon Dec 27, 2004

deals with other aspects....

MWO stands for the same thing the other famous French
inventor dvocated: Multiple Wave Oscillators.
Lakhovsky of French origen
talked with Tesla and made an antenna system of
partial loops to be
bridged by an arc, in which the arc gap might jump
from loop to loop
length: thereby engaging a numerous amount of multiple
engaged by the radio emmittor comprised of a series of
concentric UHFld style television antennaes, bridged
by concentric moving arcs as
the variation of high frequency output vs affected
antennaes in time.
And then we go on the next enigmatic French inventor;
Antoine Priore.
And both of these inventors had the pre-occupation of
looking at the
problem from the outside -in, instead of the
inside-out, as I have
fathomed things.

There is no transmission of specific frequency
according to LC
transmission laws when the length of the wire is so
long, that the
the rest of the circuit attachments act by mimicking
their own
natural resonant frequencies. In the exoteric
viewpoint the
frequencies are transmitted, but in the esoteric
viewpoint they are
only recieved, analogous to a one way valve. As such
the MWO effect
is an effect that appears to be a universal
transmittor of resonance,
because each of those vibrations are far so removed
from the original
vibrations to be considered distant harmonics of the
original. In any
case the device of having a long wire length resonator
produces the
same sought after attribute of transmitting many
simultaneously, because again each of those resonators
responds to
its source of vibration. Yet in the exoteric viewpoint
it is the
specific frequency that is being sought over, as if it
were a holy
grail or something??? And so in the Priore work, the
get bogged down as to what so and so frequency wave
will do, but do
they ascertain whether their instruments record the
truth of the
vibration? I fail to see how if low 17 meter
wavelengths were
achieved with neon bulbs ect..., that the
investigators did not see
the abundance of these harmonics...

In fact the same long wire lenghts and effectswere
achieved with greater economy with the coils I used
without the millions of dollars the St Gobain
corporation of France invested, using huge bulbs to
try and achieve the same objectives, and also using
huge coils to achieve this so called very low freq.


(a long good read about Proire's problems with the
scientific world, and why they rejected him...)

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