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Re: Rife machines

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Dr. Rife did use radio frequency but never used Tesla equipment.
His main thing was ~60 watt transmitters. The thinking behind the plasma
tube is as a non-linear device, it generates harmonics. I know people that
have used frequency therapy with good results. One such usage is in the
frequency range of some Tesla coils, ~ 120 kHz. The electric fields disrupt
the dividing of fast growing cancer cells while leaving cells with normal growth
speeds completely unharmed. See the paper / study done just last year at the
link provided, PDF file. They are doing clinical trials in Europe right now
and have FDA clearance to start trials in the US next year. Right now
working with terminal brain tumor class 4 tumors, they are having a decent
success rate. Mostly MD's wrote the paper and did the work.


gets you the study paper. Also for
more on Rife, see



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Subject: Rife machines

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Hello, it's me again.

I read that some of Tesla devices were used in medicine. Did any of you heard about some expperiments made by Rife? He used a frequency generator machine with a plasma valve to cure some deseases. Does any of you have interest in that area?

Jose Luis