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4 kV powered tesla coil-pics

Original poster: Liviu Vasiliu <teslina@xxxxxxxxx>

Hi list

2 MOTs powered tesla coil.....Why not?
There are a few advantages:

-MOTs can be a good replacement for NSTs, sometime
hard to find, even the little 2 kV output MOTs. It
does not need to use 4-6 MOTs, no oil bath, no
doublers, no silicon, no saturated or primary
overvolted MOTs.
-with proper current limiting with inductive ballasts
on the low voltage side, they work ok.
-the primary cap is cheaper because the lower voltage
-the spark gap does not need air flow. Just use a
multiple gap (at least 3 gaps, one variable) and big
metal electrodes to get good cooling and quenching.
- use a strike ring to protect the MOTs from
overvolting (arcs to the primary).

The results and construction can be seen here:


For higher power levels just modify the ballasts,
increase the primary cap, the number of gaps and get
it tuned.



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