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Re: Beer bottle /Geek Group Caps

Original poster: Karl Lindheimer <karl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi jerry,

Why not do the following: Build a Geek Group style beer bottle bucket cap with the brown bottles you have. Measure your coil's performance.
Later, rebuild the cap with clear Corona beer bottles and compare results. I used for two years a bucket cap made with Corona bottles, and it worked nearly as well as the MMC that eventually replaced it.
Corona bottles are narrow, and have a nice skinny neck which I believe keeps "Corona" losses down.

Best Regards,


On Apr 8, 2005, at 11:14 PM, Tesla list wrote:

I read a post the other day that mentioned caps using dark bottles heating up. Is there any real difference between clear and brown bottles? I am about to make a Geek Group cap and all I have is brown bottles. If I need clear bottles I will have to suffer and drink more beer. The things we will do to build a coil! :-)) Sill cheeper than building a mmc. That will be in the future.