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Re: tungsten carbide magnetic?

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hey Mike...

yes you are right... Thorium does make the tungsten welding "rod" more "viable" in keeping the arc going... but unfotunately... most welding supply places only offer the thorium/tungsten rods yes we use what is the most available product on the local market... if one can get PURE tungsten, that is the best choice so far other than pure diamond rods( which I have NEVER seen..) tungsten carbide is the next best material to get ( drill blanks or various other shapes for milling cutting etc) then we move on to copper ( (due to its wonderful heat disapation qualities but low vaporization rates... makes a great laser ((copper bromide)) pretty green color) great at vaporization , then stainless and then most ferrites ( iron based metals) your lower molecular weight metals really "brighten "up your life lithium, aluminum, magnesium... better have a class 3 fire extinguisher on hand
cuz you will need it....

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I've heard thoriated rods are a bad choice for a gap, not just for radioactive reasons. The thorium is added to make the rods arc more consistently in a welder. If that's the case, won't these make for a TC gap that has poor quenching?

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