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Re: tungsten carbide magnetic?

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In a message dated 4/9/05 2:51:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time, tesla@xxxxxxxxxx writes:
Thorium does make the tungsten welding "rod" more
"viable" in keeping the arc going... but unfotunately... most welding
supply places only offer the thorium/tungsten rods yes we use what is
the most available product on the local market... if one can get PURE
tungsten, that is the best choice so far other than pure diamond rods(
which I have NEVER seen..) tungsten carbide is the next best material
to get ( drill blanks or various other shapes for milling cutting

McMaster-Carr offers both pure and Thoriated Tungsten electrodes (for TIG welding, of course). Thoriated just a tad more expensive. Sizes up to 5/32" dia, all 7" long.
Pure tungsten TIG electrodes have green paint on one end. Thoriated ones have red paint on one end.
McMaster also offers the carbide rods and drill blanks. They spec about 10% cobalt, and some blanks have nickle and copper as a binder.
I just got the thought that an economical source of big chunks of tungsten might be the surplus projectiles from the rounds used by tanks. I have a "lawn dart" from the M735 105mm APFSDS-T round, and there's probably 5+ lbs of tungsten in it. The tungsten core is (according to the books) a long teardrop shape, 35mm at the widest, and perhaps 10" long. That's a lot of tungsten for the typical $60.
Be advised the very similar M735A1's, the M774's, and the M833's have Depleted Uranium instead.

-Phil LaBudde