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Re: Name My TC

Original poster: "Steven Steele" <sbsteele@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Very origional name. LOL.
I used those caps just because I was interested in Lyden jars. And i'm not part of the geek group. but they do make great caps. You can charge them up by hooking the one terminal( either the outside or the top) to the NST and drawing an arc from the other terminal to the other terminal of the NST. Then You can hand them to our freinds( or enemies) and tell them to touch the top. Then watch as they do it. LOL. I've shocked myself several times that way.

I don't really thing I'm that much farther along than you. Actually, chances are, your farther along than me, because I don't even know what I'm doing anymore. LOL.

Good luck, and don't kill yourself(or your friends).

                       Steven Steele
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Original poster: "Danny G." <digitaldanny123@xxxxxxxxx>

Hi Terry and the lightning gang, I'm back,

I am wondering why Steven used a homemade cap such as that when the bucket cap is well designed/proven by the geek group. Mine will be a 5-gal. pool-chlorine-tablet bucket with a screw-on lid, filled with Corona bottles and the fluid.

Cheers to Steven, he's farther along than I am. I must admit, after spending a year or so on this list I became quite overwhelmed. Then I thought of making a smaller TC with only one 9kv nst instead of trying too much like with 2x15kv NSTs. My first design is probably biting off more than I can chew. I decided to go at it again starting with a much smaller/simpler design to get the basics down first.

How about calling your tc, my tesla coil?


Dan--Ft. Lauderdale

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