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Re: ASRSG question

Original poster: "Mike" <mikev@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Ed,
             Writing from work here. We also use a large variac configured
as a variable inductor, 50 amp unit, sits in a plastic, cut down 55 gallon
drum, oil covered with extension shaft and steering wheel.  Works into a 20
KVA transformer, great control, nice and smooth, good current limiting.
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> Original poster: Esondrmn@xxxxxxx > > David, > > Do you have a safety gap across the rotary gap? If not, you should add > one. I had a 60 hz resonance problem with my 5 kva transformer and the > welder being used for ballast at one time. It blew one of my commercial > caps. The primary tank voltage was going to some extremely high level. I > added a safety gap directly across the cap just for a test and it fired > like a rifle. I then moved it to across the rotary gap and it was still > firing. I removed the welder and used a large variac core for ballast and > now the safety gaps never fire. > > Ed Sonderman > > >Original poster: "David Rieben" <drieben@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> > > >I tried both .1 uFd and .2 uFd. .2 uFd is a pretty big capacitance, > >I know, but the 3500 rpm is the MAX rpm rating of the motor > >and I wasn't running it at its max rpm. The rsg motor is a DC > >with infinite speed control via a variac but I can't really tell ex- > >actly what rpm I'm running. I can only aproximate it by measuring > >the input voltage and multiplying the product of the input volt- > >age/130 since 130 VDC is the rated voltage of the motor. I > >figured the 15 kVA pig can charge even a pretty large primary > >cap pretty fast although I haven't done the exact math on this > >with JAVATC yet. > > > >The pig is ballasted with a the guts of a 225 Lincoln arc welder > >set at its maximum (225 amp) weldeing setting and I am using > >(2) .1 uFd, 50 kV Hipotronics pulse caps for either .1 uFd > >byt using just one, or .2 uFd buy paralleling them. > > > >David > > > > >