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Re: Name My TC

Original poster: Karl Lindheimer <karl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Dan,

I made the exact same cap as you are planning on. I used a 5 gallon chlorine container, and 12 Corona beer bottles. The cap worked flawlessly for two years until I abandoned it for MMC's. It is really convenient to adjust the capacitance by simply removing or adding copper jumpers to the bottles.

Good luck with your project.


On Apr 8, 2005, at 1:58 PM, Tesla list wrote:

Original poster: "Danny G." <digitaldanny123@xxxxxxxxx>

Hi Terry and the lightning gang, I'm back,

I am wondering why Steven used a homemade cap such as that when the bucket cap is well designed/proven by the geek group. Mine will be a 5-gal. pool-chlorine-tablet bucket with a screw-on lid, filled with Corona bottles and the fluid.

Cheers to Steven, he's farther along than I am. I must admit, after spending a year or so on this list I became quite overwhelmed. Then I thought of making a smaller TC with only one 9kv nst instead of trying too much like with 2x15kv NSTs. My first design is probably biting off more than I can chew. I decided to go at it again starting with a much smaller/simpler design to get the basics down first.

How about calling your tc, my tesla coil?


Dan--Ft. Lauderdale

(formerly <mailto:toodamtall1@xxxxxxxxx>toodamtall1@xxxxxxxxx)