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Re: Name My TC

Original poster: "Danny G." <digitaldanny123@xxxxxxxxx>

Hi Terry and the lightning gang, I'm back,

I am wondering why Steven used a homemade cap such as that when the bucket cap is well designed/proven by the geek group. Mine will be a 5-gal. pool-chlorine-tablet bucket with a screw-on lid, filled with Corona bottles and the fluid.

Cheers to Steven, he's farther along than I am. I must admit, after spending a year or so on this list I became quite overwhelmed. Then I thought of making a smaller TC with only one 9kv nst instead of trying too much like with 2x15kv NSTs. My first design is probably biting off more than I can chew. I decided to go at it again starting with a much smaller/simpler design to get the basics down first.

How about calling your tc, my tesla coil?


Dan--Ft. Lauderdale

(formerly <mailto:toodamtall1@xxxxxxxxx>toodamtall1@xxxxxxxxx)