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RE: About MOTs..

Original poster: "Mark Dunn" <mdunn@xxxxxxxxxxxx>


The Primary side of the large MOT is not insulated well enough to handle
the ~2000 volts that you will try to run it at.  It will arc to the
core, arc across the windings, etc.  Most MOT's need current limiting.
There are a few that don't.  I think in your special application you
will require it.  I have built current limiting inductors for my MOT's
and can give you guidance.  My typical MOT Primaries draw 50 to 75 amps
at 120 VAC with the secondaries shorted.

You would be better served to use the 1000 watt MOT alone and build a
voltage multiplier for the HV side.  You will still need current
limiting for this configuration.

If you are trying to build a power supply for a TC I/We can point you to
a number of websites that have used MOT's.


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This question has probably been asked before, I want to connect the high

voltage output of a small like 600 watt MOT I have to the 120 side of a
really large MOT like 1000w to get about 20-30KV out, I'll vacuum pot
MOTs in oil and cut the center ground on the large MOT to prevent
does anyone see a problem with this? Will I have to use some sort of
current limiting even tho I'm using a little 600 watt MOT for the