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Pri./Sec. Tuning

Original poster: "Mike Knowlton" <amdx@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi all,
I have been reading this group for about six weeks now and
see confusing info on pri./sec. tuning. ( to me anyway)
My understanding is you have a secondary coil with toroid (tophat) that is resonant at a fundumental frequency.
Then you wind a Primary, and wire it with capacitors in parallel, then adjust a tap on the primary until the primary is resonant at the same frequency as your secondary.
(I understand this is performed with the secondary in place.)
My confusion is sometimes I see people say tune your primary lower or higher. Shouldn't they ring at the same frequency?
Also as a tuning method, could you lightly couple a scope probe to the circuit and drive the primary with a signal generator, then watch for double peaks, then adjust the primary inductance (or capacitance) until you have a single peak.
Just curious,

P.S. I aquired an 8.5" x 42" clear plastic tube today, I think it's my start to building a TC !
"clear plastic"? How do I find out what type of plastic this is?
It has a 1/4" wall thickness.