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Original poster: jdwarshui@xxxxxxxxx

Hi: Steve
From: Jared

The problem with quarter wave coils is that it is rather impossible to
say exactly where true node formation occurs. One cannot generalize
and say that the current nodes form at the bottom of the coil, you
simply don't know that this is true. Current nodes may well occur part
way up from the bottom of the coil or terminate within the ground

True node formation reveals itself when full wavelengths are
represented. When full wavelengths are represented you can easily
predict the location of current and voltage nodes based on wire length
and the speed of light. ( It is no coincidence that wire length and
the speed of light fall directly from the derivations we have given )

Toroidal coils limit the resonant frequencies to multiples of a
wavelength ( because of boundary conditions). If you take the time to
build and measure a toroidal coil you will see that our claims are
entirely sensible and matter of fact. You will also find that it is
quite impossible to get these coils to resonate at  non wire length